10 Ways To Make Your First Online Sale



The day you make your first sale as an online merchant is certainly a day to remember. It’s symbolic of your hard work, and it’s a good reminder of the success to come. Waiting to make that first sale can make you feel nervous and excited all at the same time. Here are 10 tips for making that sale and celebrating your first step toward a successful career.



#1 Make Friends on Facebook

Chances are good that you already have lots of friends on Facebook. Use this opportunity to create a page for your business, and then promote your page on your personal profile. Invite all of your friends and family member to “like” your page, and consider offering an online “congratulations” to whomever makes the first purchase. 


#2 Start a Conversation on Twitter

Twitter is a great way to start up a conversation about your business, so be sure that you’re using it to your advantage. Tell people you’re ready for business, let them know what you’re offering, and use your own Tweets to instill a sense of urgency in your followers.


#3 Inspire People on Pinterest

Pinterest is a great way for you to use aesthetic appeal to your advantage. Try posting pictures of your offerings, creating a funny meme related to your industry or product, or even giving a quick tutorial on reasons why your product or service solves problems.


 #4 Work It on Instagram

With so many people using Instagram, it’s possible to create a “photo blog” that will get you noticed. Take photos of products as they sell and keep people in the loop. Sometimes, all it takes is knowing that others are discovering the sheer awesomeness of your product to get people interested. 
#5 Be Everywhere on Mobile Devices

If you don’t have a mobile presence, get one. People rely on their smartphones for everything these days, from getting information to buying products and services. The more places people can find you, the better off you’ll be. 


#6 Get Rave Reviews

Be sure to ask people who have seen or tried your product (like friends or family members) to hop online and leave you an awesome review. This way, people will know that what you’re offering is legit, and they’re more likely to place an order or schedule a visit of their own. 


#7 Add a Calendar to Your Website 

If your service is appointment-based, adding a calendar to your website is very important. It’s even better if you can allow people to book appointments or schedule their classes right from their computers or mobile devices, too.  Here's a great example of our customers.

#8 Create Your First Promotion

Everyone loves a freebie or a good sale, so be sure you offer one. For example, you might offer 20% off of your classes during a “One-Day Only Sale”. 

#9 Send Out an Email Blast

If you let everyone on your contacts list know that you’re open and ready for business, the influx of traffic will all but guarantee a sale. This works even better if you’ve used previous marketing tactics to generate a solid database of leads. 


#10 Send Out Gift Cards

You don’t have to pay for someone’s entire purchase, but it’s always a nice gesture to send a gift card. For example, if the average price of the products you offer is $50, a $5 gift card is equivalent to a 10% discount. You can also offer a 10% on any purchase gift card – something tangible that people can hold in their hands. 

Making your first online sale is a momentous occasion and one that you’ll undoubtedly remember for the rest of your life. Make it happen even faster by using one or all of the 10 tips provided here.    


About The Author

Natalya Chytry understands that both creative strategies and flawless execution are required to deliver high impact digital campaigns.