3 Facebook Marketing Tips for Service Based Businesses



With millions of messages being sent across social channels every day, there is a lot of conversation happening around your brand. Social media, therefore, should be an essential part of your marketing strategy.

There are three ways to utilize Facebook to identify more business opportunities for your brand:

  1. Grow Your Community

  2. Grow Your Reach

  3. Leverage Your Promotion



Grow Your Community

Break up business posts with relevant content that engages your followers and sparks conversation.  Although you are displaying products made in one of your classes, you're not selling it directly.  This allows room to create conversation around the art.  Here are a couple samples to help you engage with them.


Photos by Jessca Marie.




Trivia"Adventures of Luke Starkiller, As Taken From the Journal of the Whills, Saga 1: The Star Wars"

was the original name of the first Star Wars movie when it went into production.  That's a mouthful!




Ask a question: Hit 'like' if you love Star Wars.  Who is your favorite character? 


Grow Your Reach

Boosting your Timeline posts can help you target your customers by location, age, and interests.  Here is one compelling Facebook post idea that we admire.  We hope this inspires you to create engaging and effective promotions on your Page.


Post by Creative Cafe - Creative Cafe - Paint Your own pottery & Art Studio.




Leverage Your Promotion

A successful Facebook promotion captivates audiences and returns leads that are actually interested in your business. Giving away the season’s hottest service at an exclusive discount will garner a lot of attention for your brand. Your promotion needs to be enticing, but it should also get people thinking about your service.  Urban Zipline was able to incentivize engagement and clicks by running a coupon promos through Facebook with direct links from Occasion.



We recommend reading through the Promotions section of Facebook Page Terms for detailed legal guidelines for businesses.



Last But Not Least


Your work doesn’t stop when the promotions end. Now you have dozens, hundreds or maybe even thousands of engaged fans. This isn’t the time for a content break. Make sure you have a social media strategy in place during, and especially after the promotion in order to leverage the interest in and excitement around your brand.


And one last thing: Don’t lose sight of your objectives. Promotions are an easy way to pull in engagement and new fans, but that doesn’t mean they should replace your content strategy. Work them in occasionally and make sure the reason behind holding the promotion aligns with your business goals.

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