Launching Paypal integration


What do 165 million people around the world and Occasion have in common? PayPal.

We have fully integrated PayPal into Occasion - both for businesses and consumers.

For Businesses:

Connect your Occasion account with your PayPal account and collect money into your PayPal account. We integrate with nearly every PayPal product offered.  Check out our support docs below on how to integrate Occasion with your existing PayPal account.


For Consumers:

When businesses want to accept payments via PayPal, you will see a "Pay with PayPal" option during the checkout completion.



Our Mission:

At Occasion, our mission is to give businesses owners all the best tools to sell anywhere, and everywhere. Integrating with PayPal is another step towards fulfilling that mission.

Our Recommendation:

If you're interested in learning more about our latest feature you can schedule a demo webinar or request to speak with our success manager one-on-one.


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About The Author

Aksh comes from a family of entrepreneurs. He started his first company at the age of 19. Aksh is passionate about technology and role it can play in changing people's lives. Aksh was featured by PBS as one of the young entrepreneurs in 2011. Aksh has a Masters in Economics from DePaul University.