Why does it seem like everyone likes pizza?

Because it’s delicious, you say. And I give you that. It is indeed delicious.

But I also believe that pizza’s popularity is a result of another feature: It’s customizable.

And pizza has got to be the most customizable food available to order online. There are so many steps to make between my feeling hungry for tasty pizza and actually placing the order. Think of all the decisions you have to make: size, type of crust, sauce type, cheese, veggies, meat… Yet, we still find ourselves going online to order pizza—not despite the steps, but likely because of them. It’s fun to make your own pizza, and a computer can’t misunderstand your order.

In a survey conducted by industry magazine PMQ, 57 percent of respondents age 25 to 34 considered an online ordering option important, and yet only 18 percent of the pizzerias they surveyed have received a pizza order online (that includes through their own website or third-party services like GrubHub).

The Big Three pizzeria chains—Pizza Hut, Domino’s, and Papa John’s—all have online ordering systems in place. In fact, Domino’s collected a cool billion dollars worth of orders online, representing a third of it’s total sales.

Independent pizzerias, which represent 53 percent of the industry, still lag behind in terms of adopting online ordering. According to PMQ, pizzeria operators seem hesitant to adopt online ordering as an option, but those that wait will miss out on a golden opportunity.

From PMQ:

“Although not considered a trend anymore, online ordering continues to grow and expand. And while some pizzeria operators are still a bit gun-shy about it, one look at the success of some of the top chains in this area can attest to its viability.”

There’s no excuse for independent pizzerias allowing the big corporations to out-innovate them. As consumers continue to demand online ordering as an option, those pizzerias that offer it will likely find greater success.




Image from Giordanos Pizza

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