Product Updates: May 2016


Product Updates is our monthly recap that highlights the recent product improvements we've made at Occasion, so you can quickly find the latest news. 

Here is a recap of what we launched in May:


  1. Mobile and desktop agenda view

  2. In-store ordering for staff and team members

  3. Planner & View Improvements

  4. Preview of Avery - Occasion's latest version




Mobile and desktop agenda view


Our customers requested different calendar views to display information on their services and it's finally here! This release includes our brand new agenda view alongside previously available calendar and stack view. We have also built-in more customization into the views. This provides you greater control over what to show and the display on your website or facebook from any device - mobile phones, tablets and desktops.




New Agenda View:

  • Looks beautiful on Mobile, Desktop and Tablet!
  • Fully customizable and it blends right into your website.
  • The all new "Quick Look" button, when clicked, shows more detailed information.
  • It's smart layout - so based on the screen resolution - it automatically shows either 4, 3, 2 or 1 columns. 

New customizations for all Views:

  • Ability to show images for past listings.
  • Control whether or not to show sold out listings.
  • Show or hide venue information.
  • Set colors for all button, background, text and background.

Read more about the new Agenda View.



Staff and Team Members can process In-store


Allow staff and team members to process in-store orders easily even when they don't have permission to edit or modify a listing.




Planner & View Improvements


Planner Improvements:

  • Accept in an in-store order from the Planner for listings that are no longer available for sale online. This is helpful in cases when you want to accept a last-minute booking from a customer.
  • Planner "List" view now has the ability to do many quick tasks like duplicate a listing, edit a listing and more.
Webite Integration Improvements for Views
  • Sometimes on certain website builders like, Wix and GoDaddy, the mobile view was cut off. This should no longer be the case.



Avery - New Backend Preview


Meet Avery.  Our newest version comes with a fresh look and friendly persona to help your business grow.  We’ve made our tools - like your planner and listings - easier to use, so you can get your daily tasks done faster and focus on the bigger picture.  This update lets you take your business on the road with a design that adapts for easy use on your smartphone or tablet.


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