New Feature: Facebook Events and Facebook Local


More ways to sell means more sales, period. Without a doubt, Facebook is driving a lot of activity online. Consumers are taking pictures, posting them for their friends to see. The friends get excited about it and want to book that experience for themselves. This is a virtuous cycle and at Occasion, we are focused on how to make this cycle work for you better.

Today, we are excited to announce our integration with native Facebook Events.

Facebook Events and Local (1)


After you opt-in, when you add public events on your Occasion calendar they will be automatically published to Facebook Events.

Facebook Events will help you in many ways to Book More Customers, Faster.(TM)

  1. Put your events in your customers' newsfeeds.
  2. Expand your social reach by getting friends of your customers to see your events too.
  3. Give them an easy way to express interest and sign up.
  4. Save time and stop manually adding events to Facebook.
  5. Boost your events and get more sign ups.

This feature is available as a premium add-on for your Occasion account for $10 per month. Refer this article to get started.

Here's a video for you that will recap this new and exciting feature.

Facebook Local and Events with Occasion from Occasion on Vimeo.


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