New Gift Cards Feature is Live



According to, annually consumers buy $100 billion worth of gift cards for their friends, families and employees. Especially during the Holiday season, as identifying gifts for individuals is becoming more and more difficult, popularity of gift cards is increasing.

Just in time for the 2015 Holiday Season, Occasion is happy to announce the launch of our new feature - Gift Cards. It's available for free in your dashboard today!

What makes this unique?

Businesses will love the way this works. Creating, selling, redeeming and managing gift cards is super easy!

Let's walk through each of these in details.

Creating Gift Cards:

In the less than 3 minutes, you can create a listing to sell gift cards. Yes, in less than 3 minutes! We have made creating gift cards incredibly easy. So, how does this work? We give you pre-made templates to choose from and all you have to do is change the amounts you want to sell. You can choose to sell a gift card with just one amount (say, $100 gift card) or let the customers choose from options you specify (say, $25, $50, $100...).

Selling Gift Cards:

It was important for us to make sure you can sell gift cards anywhere and everywhere. So, we give you several ways.

  1. For your website, you can create a stack and integrate it into a webpage.
  2. Also, for your website, you can create a "buy button" and include it into the footer.
  3. For your email marketing, you can copy and paste a URL.
  4. For your Facebook, you can create a new tab on your business page and sell directly from there.

Redeeming Gift Cards:

Delivering delight to your customers when they redeem the gift cards was one of the biggest priorities. Every listing in your account automatically has a "Gift Card Code" field before the credit card payment section on the checkout page. Customer can simply copy and paste the code to redeem the gift card value. They can even combine multiple gift cards and coupons into one purchase.

Managing Gift Cards:

Tracking balances on gift cards is important not just for you but also for your customers. What if, a customer forgot their gift card code or what their balance is? Occasion makes it easy for you resend email to the gift card recipient with the code and also, track their balance. Additionally, upon each redemption, the customer is alerted to how much balance they have left on the checkout page, in the order confirmation email and also, via a unique balance tracking URL.




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