Product Updates: January 2017


Every year, we come up with an operating word that guides our efforts. This year the word of choice is “velocity” and our efforts will be focused on continuously answering one question on your behalf - how can we add velocity to your business?  The answer is by focusing on two parts - improving customer experience and improving merchant experience. Over the course of 2017, you can expect us to add velocity across your entire operation - whether is marketing, sales, operations or customer service. 


In the next few weeks, we are releasing two major updates - Classes 2.0 and Calendar 2.0. More specifically, you can expect the following from each of those new updates.

Classes 2.0 will improve your experience so you can create your class schedule quickly and sell online faster.

  • Easy ways to set-up different types of classes
    • One-off classes
    • Series classes with or without pro-rata discounts
  • Enhanced pricing and discount capabilities
    • Set pricing for private group bookings
    • Set pricing and discounts for different attendee sizes
  • Improved rostering capabilities
    • Ability to pull a roster online and print it, or send it to your mobile phone for easy access
    • Ability to share a roster with a contract employee


Calendar 2.0 will improve your customer’s experience of discovering and purchasing your services.

  • Increase the calendar's visual appeal
    • Give merchants more calendar styling options
    • Increase "eye candy" to make customers spend more time on the calendar discovering all services merchant has to offer
  • Showcase different types of services
    • Allow merchants to add announcements to their calendar
    • Ability to book classes that occur in a series
  • Generate leads and more sales for merchants
    • Allow customers to receive updates directly when new services are added to the calendar
    • Allow customers to set reminders to book a service
If there are ways you think we can add velocity to your business, please send us your ideas -


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About The Author

Aksh comes from a family of entrepreneurs. He started his first company at the age of 19. Aksh is passionate about technology and role it can play in changing people's lives. Aksh was featured by PBS as one of the young entrepreneurs in 2011. Aksh has a Masters in Economics from DePaul University.