Occasion + Square: Simplify Your Payment Process



If your business collects payments in-store using Square, we are excited to announce that we will be adding Square payment integration to Occasion in August 2017!

Our Square integration will connect Square accounts with Occasion to process payments. This allows merchants who process payments online and in-store, to use Square for all their payment needs. By using one company for all payments, merchants will only have one credit card processing rate from Square. You will no longer have to worry about collecting payments from two separate payment companies or accounts. Everything will be connected within Occasion. 

This can also benefit merchants who only collect payments online as well. Merchants who have over $250,000 of annual revenue will qualify for lower processing rates with Square. So, less fees and more money for you!

This Square integration may help to streamline your payment process and provide you with a improved customer experience.

If you are interested in using Square as your payment gateway, you can sign up to be the first to integrate Square with your Occasion account!


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About The Author

Taylor is a Merchant and Community Success Manager at Occasion.