Occasion's new calendar is live




Excited to share that we have launched a brand new calendar layout and design for everyone!

First off, we want to thank our beta merchant partners who have been patiently providing their input and feedback as we released updates and fixes. We thank them thoroughly for their patience!

SO, what’s new?

  1. Modern Look: We believe your customers appreciate a good design. The new calendar has a very modern look to it. Some customers have also called it the “Square Space of Calendars”.
  2. Smart Device Detection: We believe better viewing experience to your customers is key to getting more bookings. The new calendar layout automatically detects your customer’s device and adjusts layout for the best viewing experience. Also, your customers can easily change the layout if they so choose.
  3. Express Your Brand: We believe your brand, your colors, your images allow you to highlight your business to your customers. In the new calendar layout, images are bigger than ever on your calendar. You can customize the theme by picking one color for your calendar. There is also a standard light and dark theme so that your calendar easily blends in with your website.
  4. Built-in Marketing: We believe that your calendar is your store-front that give many touch points to your customer to engage with your business. In the new calendar design, we included a few ways your customers can “self-market” to themselves - they can subscribe to your calendar, share the calendar on social media or print it for reference later.

Be sure to checkout the video below!



How do I try this out for my account?

Glad you asked. There are ways:
1. "Try it, before I change it” way
2. “I am sold, let’s change it” way

“Try It, Before I Change It” way:



“I Am Sold, Let’s Change It” way:




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