Two-Way Sync with Google Calendar For Better Management



Better management of your calendar doesn’t just make your life easier — it leads to better outcomes for your business and your team all around.  That’s why we are excited to share with you a new way to manage your business calendar within Occasion.  Introducing the all new, updated Google Calendar 2-Way Sync feature.


There are multiple benefits to have this as a business owner:

  1. One place to have your personal and business calendar.
  2. Helps you plan faster by viewing your availability.
  3. Never miss a customer or a personal event.




 This new Google Calendar integration brings your personal calendar and business calendar together under one roof for faster, better scheduling in real time.


Explore the new two-way Google Calendar sync!






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Natalya Chytry understands that both creative strategies and flawless execution are required to deliver high impact digital campaigns.