Use Vouchers to work with Groupon, LivingSocial and more


More than a million businesses have used some kind of daily deal company to promote their business and services. The post-deal customer experience matters greatly to retaining all the new customers that come in for the first-time.

When running deals, business owners pay as much as 70% of their retail price to acquire new customers. Hence, it becomes even more critical to retain them post-deal redemption.

Making it easy for customers to redeem their voucher code and sending them an email confirmation of their order are two important aspects for business owners to consider. It sounds simple but benefits accrued can be invaluable.

  1. Reduce the amount of employee time spent on taking phone orders.
  2. Getting a favorable review on Yelp, Facebook, Google from the customer.
  3. Converting them into a recurring customer.
  4. Making it easy for them to refer their purchase to a friend.
  5. Adding them as a subscriber for your emails, or follower on Facebook or Twitter.


What does the best voucher redemption experience looks like?


For Business Owners:

  1. Upload the voucher codes and assign them values along with listings that are redeemable.
  2. Override the value of a single voucher.
  3. Prepare reports of vouchers redeemed and yet to be redeemed.

For Customers:

  1. Instructions to redeem should be included in the voucher purchased.
  2. Easily redeem a voucher online.
  3. Receive an email confirmation after redeeming a voucher with order details.


New feature from Occasion:

Occasion launched a new feature that makes running daily deals and managing redemptions easy. It's an extension of our mission to help business owners sell everywhere and anywhere.

With this new feature, called 'bulk coupons', you can

  1. Import 1,000s of voucher codes.
  2. Assign bulk or individual value to each voucher code.
  3. Set validity date for the voucher's value.
  4. Make only certain listings redeemable against the voucher.
  5. Monitor redemptions in real-time.
  6. Prepare voucher redemption reports.


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